Building Disability Confidence

Who Should Attend

Looking for a job and starting out on your career can be daunting whoever you are. But if you have a disability or long-term health condition you may have some particular questions or concerns. What are the exact requirements of the role and will I be able to fulfil them? Will the company be supportive and provide me with the specific accommodations or flexibility I need? What will be the prevailing culture or attitude towards people like me? If these questions sound familiar, then this event is for you.


Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Event for Students with Disabilities is targeted at students who are currently studying at university or have just graduated. You may already be interested in a career in the corporate sector and want to put yourself forward – or may just want to explore the opportunities and find out more.


At this targeted event, you will have the opportunity to meet with leading employers committed to inclusive recruitment, be inspired and learn from the experience of others and talk directly to corporate representatives about career opportunities at their companies and the kind of support they provide.


Academic Requirements

There’s no doubt that a career in the corporate sector can be intellectually challenging. A strong academic background and the determination to succeed are a must. You should either be studying or have studied up to associate degree or high diploma level. In selecting students to participate in the event, we will be looking for, but not exclusively screening on: your academic qualifications, extra curricular activities, work experience (if any) and your reasons for applying.


We may relax these criteria if there are extenuating circumstances. For example, you may like us to consider something that has affected your academic results. On the application form, you’ll find a section that allows you to do this.