Building Disability Confidence


The Inclusive Recruitment Programme is a pioneering inclusive recruitment programme designed to build confidence of targeted pool of students and bring together with leading employers committed to increasing opportunities for disabled talent.


The programme was first conducted in March 2013 as “Open to You Inclusive Recruitment Event”


Feedback from participants joining the “Open to You Inclusive Recruitment Event 2013”



Stephen Golden
Executive Director, Human Capital Management, Goldman Sachs

"Open to You, was a great platform for us to be able to profile ourselves as employers who are looking for applicants with disabilities... it’s able to connect employers interested in hiring people with disabilities along with students with disabilities who are interested in finding work…I think for any company who’s thinking about employing people with disabilities, this is a great first step to learn more and to become involved. The good thing is there’s no commitment…we’re not saying that you must hire 3 people at the end of this event. So you go out there, you experiment, you learn."



Toby Lau
Graduate from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"Due to my disability, I was very worried about my future. I have been trying to look for a job and sent many application letters but I never heard back from anyone. .. I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to join Open to You Inclusive Recruitment event.. The event is very meaningful and it is really an unforgettable experience. Through this event, I met with many managers and express myself to them...Finally I got this offer and I have an internship in a bank."

The programme in 2014


Community Business is re-branding the programme as "Inclusive Recruitment Programme".
In 2014 it will comprise:

  1. "Getting the Most Out of the Fair Opportunity" Workshop for Employers
  2. "Getting the Most Out of the Fair Opportunity" Workshop for students
  3. Fair Opportunity - Inclusive Recruitment Event (September 2014)

If your company/organisation is interested in joining the programme, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Objective of the programme


  • To profile your company as an inclusive employer and an employer of choice for disabled talent
  • To facilitate direct introductions to and nurture the relationship with students with disabilities and provide the opportunity to tap into a potential pool of talent in Hong Kong
  • To provide a platform for showcasing the range of opportunities that are available in your organisation
  • To increase your disability confidence – ie knowledge about how to attract and recruit disabled students


  • To build their aspirations and help them realise that a career in the corporate sector is an achievable goal
  • To build their confidence and capability – particularly through the skills and experience gained through the 6-month Mentoring Programme
  • To give them the opportunity to meet with leading employers who are committed to inclusive recruitment, learn more about them and the opportunities they have on offer
  • To build their own network with representatives from corporate sector


For more information


Contact Sandy Chan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the programme