Building Disability Confidence

Key Partners


Founder and Chief Executive
Employers' Forum on Disability
Based in: United Kingdom

Susan Scott-Parker OBE is the Founder and Chief Executive of Employers’ Forum on Disability (EFD), the world’s leading employers’ organisation focussed on disability as it affects business. Susan established a unique senior leadership team chaired by EFD’s President John Varley, Group CEO Barclays Bank. The President’s Group signals to colleagues, customers, and government that disability is a strategic business and societal priority. Together with the Director General of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Susan also chairs EFD’s Business Taskforce on Accessible Technology. In 2005 Susan led the development of the Disability Standard and a biennial benchmark exercise that measures business performance on disability. Known internationally for her ability to mobilise employers to the mutual benefit of business and disabled people, Susan helped the ILO to establish the Sri Lankan Employers’ Network on Disability, continues to work closely with the Australian Employers’ Network on Disability and other emerging networks. Susan pioneered the world’s first leadership rogramme for people with disabilities, in partnership with the Coverdale Organisation.