Building Disability Confidence

Key Initiatives

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Fair Opportunity - Inclusive Recruitment Event

A pioneering inclusive recruitment programme designed to build confidence of targeted pool of students and bring together with leading employers committed to increasing opportunities for disabled talent
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Tapping a Pool of Disabled Talent

Recommendations For Employers Based on Perspectives of Students with Disabilities in Hong Kong

This research looks at the experiences and perspectives of students with disabilities in Hong Kong as they seek an employer. Read more.

Previous Initiatives

Disability Forum: Break Barriers, Open Doors – Celebrating Success in Asia

The ½ day Disability Forum “Break Barriers, Open Doors – Celebrating Success in Asia’ was designed to acknowledge and celebrate the great work that is being done by companies across Asia to remove barriers to inclusion for disabled talent – and in particular disabled students and graduates.

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD) (3 Dec 2013)

Community Business encouraged companies to celebrate IDPWD on 3 December 2013 by holding some kind of initiative to remove barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities during that week.

Open to You Inclusive Recruitment Event (24 March 2013)

½ day inclusive recruitment event designed to introduce students with disabilities directly to employers committed to inclusive recruitment. 38 students and corporate representatives participated in the event.

Inclusive Recruitment Workshop for Employers (26 Feb 2013)

This ½ day workshop was designed to prepare companies participating in Community Business’ Open to You Inclusive Recruitment event on Monday 25 March. However it also was open to all companies committed to hiring disabled talent.

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD) (3 Dec 2012)

Community Business encouraged companies to celebrate IDPWD on 3 December 2012 by holding some kind of initiative to remove barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities during that week.

Building Disability Confidence Webinar Series (3-7 Dec 2012)

To celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Community Business ran a series of webinars designed to build disability confidence of employers.

Shaping Best Practice in Internship Programmes for Students with Disabilities (4 September 2012)

Community Business encouraged and supported employers to offer internship programmes to students with disabilties in Hong Kong. Find out more.

Building Disability Confidence Workshop in India (19 June 2012)

Targeted at corporate executives, this ½ day event presented Community Business’ unique ‘FACEs’ training approach. This was designed to break down barriers and challenge assumptions by bringing participants into direct contact with professionals with disabilities. In this highly interactive session, participants had the opportunity to hear the personal stories of three different professionals with disabilities and work with fellow delegates to come up with approaches to address.

How Hong Kong’s Universities Recruit, Admit and Support Students With Disabilities (March 2012)

Community Business partnered with Civic Exchange to conduct a major piece of research on disability in Hong Kong.. This research looks at how Hong Kong’s universities recruit, admit and support students with disabilities. It seeks to understand the status of students with disabilities in Hong Kong’s universities today – how many apply, whether they declare their disability, what their learning and living experience is like, the obstacles they have to overcome, whether they complete and how they transition into employment. It also makes suggestions for increasing their number and improving their university experience and transition into employment.

‘Towards Disability Confidence’ Webinar for Asia (9 December 2011)

Community Business held a Webinar entitled ‘Towards Disability Confidence’ on Friday 9 December 2011. This focused on the business case for addressing disability, as well as provided recommendations and examples of best practice to inspire companies to get started. Community Business continues to lead similar sessions for companies in a Lunch & Learn format.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December 2011)

Recognising the power of having some kind of public, collective approach as a way to drive corporate action, Community Business encouraged companies operating across Asia to celebrate International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December) by holding some kind of initiative to demonstrate their support of removing barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities.

Disability Resource Guide and Online Toolkit (April 2011)

With lead sponsorship from American Express, Community Business has compiled a Disability Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong and Singapore. This will looks at the business case for promoting disability equality, examines the local context in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as provides employers with some recommendations on what steps they can take to become more ‘disability confident’. This publication is available for download and supported by a practical online toolkit.

Facilitated Dialogue (29 November 2010)

Community Business with support from Civic Exchange facilitated a stakeholder engagement session in Hong Kong bringing together representatives of the corporate sector with those directly affected by disability. The aim was to explore what is getting in the way of employing people with disabilities in Hong Kong and identify what role the corporate sector can play.

‘What You Need to Know About Employing People with Disabilities’ (7 October 2010)

In partnership with the British Council, Community Business hosted a lunch and learn session with renowned disability expert, Simon Minty. Simon led a practical session for managers on employing people with disabilities.

‘Dining with a Difference’ Event (5 October 2010)

Featuring disability consultant, Simon Minty. This event was held in partnership with Crown Worldwide Group. Senior executives were treated to a unique dining experience whilst exploring the subject of disability. The objective was to raise the profile of disability as a business issue and motivate senior business leaders to take steps to address disability in the workplace.

Disability Fair (7 November 2008)

Sponsored by Merrill Lynch, Community Business organised a Disability Fair in November 2008. This event provided employers with access to Hong Kong’s untapped talent pool of people with disabilities. It brought together 10 key disability agencies in Hong Kong focusing on people with disabilities to help companies identify potential candidates as employees in their organisations. Participants at this fair had the opportunity to speak with individual agencies and will receive a copy of “Resource Guide on Employing Persons with Disabilities in Hong Kong”.