The Issue

Based on Community Business’ research – Tapping a Pool of Disabled Talent*, we know that:

  • Students with disabilities in Hong Kong comprise a small but significant talent pool:
    • About 500 students with special education needs are in the tertiary education level in Hong Kong
    • They are determined, intelligent individuals with strong family support and a nearly 100% course completion rate
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Key Points to note:

  • Although most are considering working in the corporate sector, traditional approaches to recruitment may not be effective:
    • More than 70% are considering a career in the corporate sector.
    • They rely on personal networks of information and advice rather than traditional formal careers channels.
  • They call for companies not just to talk about their commitment but to demonstrate it by putting words into action:
    • 60% say they are attracted to companies who actively participate in events that target, engage and support the disabled community.


In seeking to understand the landscape and experiences of students with disabilities in Hong Kong, Community Business has conducted two pioneering pieces of research:

  • How Hong Kong’s Universities Recruit, Admit and Support Students With Disabilities – in partnership with leading Hong Kong think-tank, Civic Exchange
  • Tapping into a Pool of Disabled Talent – Insights and Recommendations for Employer based on Perspectives of Students with Disabilities in Hong Kong

To find out more about this research, please Ivy Wong at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.