Building Disability Confidence

Consultancy & Training

Drawing on Community Business’ research, extensive partner relationships with local disability organisations and leading experts both in the region and globally and our own direct experience of working with companies in Asia, Community Business is well positioned to support companies develop a strategic approach to disability in Asia.  We offer a range of consultancy and training services to help establish the business case, challenge mindsets and take proactive steps to building the disability confidence of your organisation and employees.

How can Community Business help?

Define Your Strategy

Consultancy and Advice

  • Internal Stakeholder Engagement
  • Business Case and Strategy Development

Prepare Your Organisation

'Building Disability Confidence' Workshop

  • Recommendations for making your company more accessible and inclusive

Awareness and Education

  • Disability FACEs Training
  • Disability Awareness Training

Take Action

Specific Programmes

  • Inclusive Recruitment Progamme 2014
    • 6 month Disability Mentoring Programme*
    • 1/2 day inclusive Recruitment Event
  • International Week of Persons with Disabilites
  • In partnership with CareER

Disability FACEs Training Workshops

Target Audience:

Senior executives and HR/line managers (who may not be familiar with this topic nor understand why it is relevant to their organisations)  and/or general employees


Recommended 3 hours. Minimum 2.5 hours.


Based on our experience of working with companies in the Asia region, we know that many companies are hesitant about how to approach the subject of disability in their organisations.  One of the biggest challenges is changing mindsets and bringing corporate executives into direct contact with professionals with disabilities and the specific issues they face. Community Business’ Building Disability Confidence FACE Workshop seeks to do just this – by having real individuals with disabilities present their real workplace issues.  In this highly interactivesession, participants have the opportunity to hear the personal stories of professionals with disabilities, understand their workplace issues and work together to come up with approaches to address.

Public Session

From time to time Community Business runs public sessions. The next public Disability FACEs session will be updated soon.

To see video clips from Community Business’ most recent event on 19 June 2012 in Bangalore, click here.

Building Disability Confidence Workshop

Target Audience:

Business leaders, HR and diversity professionals, functional heads (eg IT, marketing, etc)


1/2 day workshop


Based on the content of Community Business’ Towards Disability Confidence Resource Guide and enhanced with practical exercises, this 1/2 day interactive workshop takes you through a structured approach to looking at how to make your company more accessible and inclusive. Targetting Business leaders, HR and diversity professionals, functional heads (eg IT, marketing, etc) to help companies develop a strategy for how to go about building disability confidence for its own organisation.

Disability Awareness

Target Audience:

Business leaders, managers and general employees


2-3 hours


When it comes to building disability confidence, knowing how to interact with people with disabilities is critical and plays a vital role in creating a more open and inclusive culture. Providing practical training on disability etiquette is particularly important when you are looking to bring people with disabilities into your team – even on a short-term basis. Community Business is able to provide practical training on disability etiquette to business leaders, managers and general employees.

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