Building Disability Confidence


With a mission ‘to lead, inspire and support companies to improve their positive impact on people and communities’, and as a leader in diversity and inclusion in Asia, Community Business is committed to raising awarenesson the subject of disability. In particular, Community Business is committed to highlighting the importance of companies removing barriers to inclusion for people with disabilities – both as customers and employees.


As such Community Business is driving a long-term ‘Building Disability Confidence’ campaign. By focusing our efforts on highlighting the business imperative, changing mindsets and helping companies build their capability to employ and do business with disabled people, we are working with companies in the Asia region to build ‘disability confidence’ – a term borrowed from the Business Disability Forum in the UK. As part of this campaign we encourage companies to browse the resources on this website and get involved in our programme of ongoing activities.



Community Business' 'Building Disability Confidence' Campaign


We know from our diversity work with companies in Asia that disability is a subject that companies are beginning to address. Some companies are focusing their disability initiatives on community and outreach programmes. Others, particularly in countries such as Japan and China where governments have set quotas for the recruitment of people with disabilities, are looking to see how they can bring people with disabilities into their organisation as employees. We commend those companies for the work they are doing. However we urge companies to look beyond philanthropic gestures or the fulfillment of quotas and to take a more strategic and holistic approach. We encourage companies to consider the impact of disability on all areas of their business - from both an internal and external perspective. In considering how barriers can be removed, they will unleash the potential for reaching new employees and serving new customers.